Dreamland Theater is a small non-profit Puppet Theater and community space for artists, located in downtown Ypsilanti.

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True Stories of 1 in 4

True Stories of 1 in 4
A 2001 report from the WHO found that β€œone in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives.” The Project, True Stories of 1 in 4, was conceived from the desire to raise awareness of a community that is often ostracized due to social stigma. For this project the Dreamland Theater, a puppetry theater and arts space, partnered with the Full Circle Community Center, a downtown Ypsilanti drop-in center for people living with mental illness. The culmination of this project is the presentation of four short puppet plays, using marionettes, shadow and hand puppets and video projection, to depict the stories of four Full Circle members.

This activity is supported by the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs Minigrant Program, administered by The Arts Alliance.

Animal Farm – a fairy story

In the Fall of 2017 the Dreamland Puppet Troupe will be presenting Animal Farm – a fairy story based on the story by George Orwell.

Animal Farm


Since 2002 Dreamland Theater has offered a variety of original performances and exhibitions by and for the community. The Dreamland Puppet Troupe has developed and presented a large number of original puppet shows working primarily with marionettes and focusing on both children's narratives as well as puppet performances for adult audiences. Dreamland Theater has functioned as a space where local and touring artists can present contemporary creative works in a variety of mediums including, live music, experimental theater, comedy, cabaret/burlesque, art exhibitions, film festivals and lectures.


If you are interested in doing a project or volunteering at Dreamland please contact us by email: info@dreamlandtheater.com


If you have a project idea, please email a proposal that includes:

Please note that Dreamland has a limited staff made up of volunteers. Because of this we are not able to accept every project that is submitted.


Dreamland has an ongoing need for volunteers for a variety of activities, including but not limited to:

If you want to volunteer for any of these, or something else that you think might be of use to Dreamland, please send an email to let us know!